The 2019 WCIT Conference, Yerevan, Armenia was a resounding success...

The 2019 WCIT conference this year took place in Yerevan Armenia from October the 7th until the 9th and it was a resounding success. This year’s conference was titled “The Power of Decentralization” which brought together some of the world’s leading ICT academics, technologists, and entrepreneurs to discuss global ICT trends and directions.

An interesting session was the CIOs & CTOs Speak, which provided a platform, where leaders from world-leading tech companies such as Xilinx, Ericsson, VMware, Instigate, and Synergy International Systems presented their perspectives and the know-how on challenges prevailing in the global
ICT industry.

Throughout the three days, the power of decentralization was strongly advocated where keynote speakers explained how information and communication technology is improving our lives and developing new technological and social horizons. Furthermore,  a significant number of cutting edge technology companies demonstrated their tech products and artificial intelligence platforms.

The Armenian prime minister, Mr. Nikol Pashinyan welcomed the guests and was very complimentary of the organizing committee to have the conference in Armenia. He also explained that within Armenia, over the past 5+ years, there has been a significant impetus on technology and software development and which has seen the IT industry grow consistently and developed cutting edge technology platforms.

Throughout the congress there were extensive discussions about artificial intelligence and the fundamental role it is playing within financial, healthcare and regulatory circles.

Indeed, these types of events are very beneficial whereby we all can learn as to what is occurring within technology and AI in other jurisdictions, the challenges they are experiencing and what solutions are making significant socio-economic impact.

Stepan Tsaturyan, the founder of Karni Health Tech said: “It was a very valuable event, especially within artificial intelligence. There was a cross-pollination of many ideas and this further cements Armenia’s important role within the technology and artificial intelligence fields.”

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