Karni Health Tech and our Network of Healthcare Professionals

Karni Health Tech has two unique competitive advantages, one within software engineering, customized healthcare solutions and artificial intelligence and the other, through our network of healthcare professionals that we are rigorously working within Australia, Armenia and other jurisdictions. 

Armenian healthcare professionals are very experienced and clinically strong within the healthcare fields of cardiology, urology, gastrology, ophthalmology and diabetes only to mention a few.

Within Armenia, our team of healthcare professionals have both local and overseas clinical experience and are regularly attending healthcare seminars within Europe, America and other jurisdictions and which helps them further develop these unique clinical skills.

Armenian clinicians have also embraced artificial intelligence and fully understand the impact that it is having on treating local and overseas citizens. One clinician said: “Artificial intelligence within healthcare is a fundamental diagnostic tool and which greatly helps to diagnose problems and enable us to effectively treat the patient condition. Indeed, there will always be resistance globally from various healthcare professionals, but technology is a part of life and you can’t swim against the on-going healthcare, digital transformation. You have to fully embrace it. Determine which AI tool will be helpful, correct any algorithmic or diagnostic problem and help the AI tool to allow you to better diagnose patients.”

Accordingly, when engaging with Karni Health Tech, apart from having various experienced software engineers on-board to develop neural network algorithms, we also have technically skilled health care professionals that can help experience Australian healthcare clinicians to develop ground-breaking AI healthcare technology.

Thereby, if your healthcare organization is contemplating on developing any unique healthcare AI or customized healthcare solution, please don’t hesitate to contact us for further confidential discussions.

Finally, as a very famous oriental philosophical saying goes: “On your own you can run a fast race, but together we can walk a long way.”