Minimal Viable Product - Healthtech is a Step by Step Development Process

Developing and maintaining digital health tools are essential because they help to improve patient centric care and the better utilization of health resources. The Karni Healthtech team and its founders strongly advocate for creating a minimal viable product (MVP), which refers to a step by step building and testing process and regularly garnering stakeholder input (clinicians, nurses, tech expert, data scientists, administrators) to improve the platform’s technical ability and user friendliness.

Firstly, health care requires vigorous management of a patient’s physiological state and it is only through a gradual building process can we determine if the digital tool is improving their care and its delivery. For example when building artificial intelligence for radiology purposes, the initial data input (both images and clinical notes) is vital, but as more important is the building of the algorithms, the training of the models and the testing of its functionalities and garnering feedback from end users.

Second, the MVP method has to utilize an agile methodology, the tech engineers and clinicians have to be regularly communicating with each other to understand the pain points, incorporate all the clinical data and develop a prototype at every strategic stage.

It is only when the base product is shown to all stakeholders, then they better understand the magnitude of the task and its ability to resolve intrinsic healthcare challenges.

When developing medical devices many of them only ever remain at the intellectual property stage because the challenges involved in developing the idea into a mechanical process.

From our experience, registering a patent is not challenging, where you can explain your claims and provide ample drawings. However, when entering the second conceptualization stage this is when all the challenges start. In Healthtech, the conceptualization stage is also challenging, but because we are working outside of the human physiology system and utilizing algorithms and developing algorithms, interpreting clinical images, we can gradually build an MVP at each strategic stage.

Speed to the clinical rooms is the key and taking years and years to make to develop the optimum health tech product makes no sense. However with today’s agile methodologies, distributed and modular software architectural approaches we can build a product step-by-step and gradually improve its functionalities.

This is where Karni Healthtech can help with its team of very experienced software architects and engineers, healthcare professionals and health tech advisors.

Drop us an email, outline your health tech requirements and only if we can help, we will engage much deeper to understand your pain points, devise a tech plan and utilize a step by step building, implementing and supporting process.

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