Customised Healthcare Technology Solutions - Innovate or Perish

Healthtech is a gradual building process and the development of customised healthcare solutions for front-end and back-end data management and clinical requirements, can significantly improve the delivery of healthcare services.

Furthermore, today with the movement from a monolithic to a distributed microservice architecture development methodology, we can resolve one issue at a time.

We at Karni Healthtech work with an experienced team of software architects, engineers and healthcare professionals, and expend significant resources to deeply understand your business’ healthcare pain-points.

We also implement an agile mindset, garner feedback from all clinical and non-clinical stakeholders and utilize cutting edge technology and programming framework to solve one clinical pain-point at a time.

We have also identified that various healthcare organisations have fragmented software solutions. We generally recommend integration with distributed microservices based software solutions, APIs (Application Programming Interface) and data structures.

Through a service based and distributed software architectural approach this enables the design and development of optimal technological stacks (programming language, framework, library, etc.), relational (SQL) or non-relational (no SQL) databases. This approach can utilise on premise and on cloud infrastructures and/or a hybrid structure. Finally, the all-in-web browser strategy for our tech solutions utilises the full power of ReactJS and Redux to create dynamic user interfaces with optimal user experiences on various devices, including personal computers, use tablets and mobile devices.

Accordingly, when you have the need for customised health tech solutions please contact Karni Healthtech. With two operational offices in Sydney and Yerevan we can respond to your health tech customised business solution needs in a timely and cost efficient manner.

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